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2 Glasses
for all the Wines
in the World!

”Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“ (Leonardo da Vinci)
The world is complex enough. Concentrating on the essence is what brings us satisfaction. Each wine does not require its own glass. We at Rovini are well aware that it is impossible to present all wines optimally with only one wine glass.
This is why two glasses are necessary to fully enjoy the pleasures of wine: the Multi and the Grande.

„Form matches function“
The concave shape of the Rovini glass goblet was created in collaboration with top winemakers and wine experts. The shape of the glass reflects the care that was taken to create an extraordinary design that enables a perfectly balanced sensorial experience.

We taste with our nose!
We have dealt intensively with the question: How do we taste? Science has proven that only 15% of what we taste is decoded by the receptors on the tongue, while 85% of our taste experience is formed in the nose and through retronasal olfaction.
This is why the concave shape of Rovini glasses is so decisive: it determines how the fragrance unfolds, how it flows into the nose of the wine connoisseur. Both when smelling the wine and when tasting it.

Rovini Multi


A multitude of white wines, red wines, rosé and champagne are presented perfectly in the Multi. A universally applicable wine glass for optimal flavour release.


With its large volume, the Grande maximises the taste experience for strong white wines and many red wines. The large and elegant glass fits your hand perfectly.

Rovini Grande
Robert Wutzl

After years of developing Rovini, Dr. Robert Wutzl now presents the perfect wine glasses.

Highest art of glassmaking
The design of the handcrafted Rovini glasses places the highest demands on the glassmakers. Only the very best glassblowers can produce these elegant, fine and yet resilient wine glasses.
Naturally Rovini glasses are dishwasher safe.

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